The Cat is Back


Pantera was a part of the legendary Thunderboat Row…

On Northeast 188th Street in Miami, Pantera was one of a handful of companies all pushing for racing victory. This fierce competition between the eras most famous pioneers drove some of the most dramatic evolution in offshore boating design in history and ultimately created a new standard of world championship race boats.

World Champion Race Heritage

Pantera is dedicated to ensuring the legacy of their world championship performance will live on for generations to come.


Classic Sport

24, 28, 36

Composite, Advanced Composite, or Pre-Preg Carbon
Hull Type
Traditional or Twin Stepped
All Inboard and Outboard Options Available


Center Console

26, 28, 30, 38

Composite, Advanced Composite, or Full Pre-Preg Carbon
Traditional or Stepped
All Inboard and Outboard Options Available


Day Yacht


Composite, Advanced Composites, or Full Pre-Preg Carbon
All Inboard and Outboard Options Available


Carbon Elite Upgrade

Luxury Exposed Carbon

Available Option on All Models
Only Power Boat Manufacturer in the World Offering Full Exposed Carbon Hulls
This Option Defines the Elite Series



By utilizing the most advanced composite materials and aerospace construction techniques, Pantera boats are lighter, stronger, faster and more efficient, leading to superior ride quality and performance. Our boats are all based on tried and tested race-proven offshore performance hulls.

The material of choice for the world’s finest super cars, F1 racing and aerospace is carbon fiber. We have taken their lead and applied the advanced processes and materials to performance boating.



With an unmatched power to weight ratio, Pantera Boats perform top in their class with faster cruising speeds with improved gas mileage due to enhance power to weight ratios.

In combination with the world’s most powerful and efficient power options, Pantera Boats create unmatched efficiency in their class.



From Classic fiberglass to full pre-preg carbon construction options of the world’s top super-cars every Pantera Boat is a one of a kind.

Pantera Boats are the first to offer offer fully exposed carbon fiber powerboats.




Pantera Boats utilize cutting edge materials and full customer selected interiors to achieve the best possible combination to meet the customer’s specifc needs.
Race-proven and full customized with advanced composites mean guaranteed satisfaction.

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September 22, 2020 | Contact – tim@pantera-boats.com

The Cat Is Back.

New Company Formed To Build Updated & New Models Of Legendary Pantera Powerboats

HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA (USA), SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 –  Pantera Boats Inc. announced today that as a result of a series of business transactions and agreements endorsed and sanctioned by the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, the company, as successor-in-title, has acquired all molds, and related intellectual property including trademarks, designs, and copyrights, clearing the way for the rebirth and relaunch of these world-class powerboats and iconic brand.

Pantera Boats Inc. is headed by Cam Heaps, founder of Carbon Marine, Inc., which introduced the world’s first 100% carbon fiber exposed powerboat hull at the Miami International Boat Show in 2016. “It is an honor to be a part of preserving the Pantera brand and heritage built by the Nunez family. Today’s announcement is the beginning of a new chapter that will see Pantera Boats available again to customers around the world,” he added.

Pantera Boats Inc. has established a manufacturing partnership with Jaguar Powerboats, which will provide decades of race-proven production experience. “Jaguar’s incredible history of world championship victories and indestructible hull construction makes them the perfect manufacturing partner for our new company,” said Pantera Boats President Jeff Howat.

Coupled with the advanced laminate production expertise provided by Carbon Marine, Pantera Boats Inc. will have manufacturing capabilities in both the United States and Canada. Pantera will build models from 24 to 38 ft, including the classic 28 and 36’s in both regular and twin stepped hulls. New additions to the lineup include outboard center console options, as well as day yacht versions, with walk through integrated transoms and luxury cabins. “We look forward to utilizing the race-proven Pantera hulls and adding new and exciting models while harnessing the most advanced composite building processes available today. With high-end fit and finish and refined interiors, a new era of Pantera is born,” said Cam Heaps.